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Here's some information on the business and technical aspects of the MPEG-4 Standard. It's provided for your convenience only and is not guaranteed to be accurate. You can link to this page or use the materials personally or within your company, but further publication or distribution is prohibited.

SDF Mobile Video Presentation
(PDF, 1.5MB) Presentation to the SD Forum Multimodal SIG on MPEG-4 and the Future of Mobile Video. An introductory tutorial on the history of mobile video deployment and the deployment dilemmas facing mobile operators today. Includes a section explaining basic operation of video codecs, including MPEG-4 and AVC.

MPEG-4 License Estimator
(HTML, 45KB) - This HTML page is an interactive, self-contained calculator that will estimate annual royalty payments for MPEG-2, MPEG-4 part 2, and MPEG-4 AVC video, as well as common audio formats, in your application scenario.

MPEG-4 AVC Patent Licensing Terms and FAQ
(PDF, 91KB) - presentation slides that explain the current proposals for license royalties for the Advanced Video Codec (MPEG-4 part 10/H.264). New Version 2 incorporating latest term changes.

MPEG-4 Audio and Video Patent Licensing Terms
(PDF, 50KB) - two presentation slides that explain the Visual, Systems, and Audio Royalties for MPEG-4.

Summary table of MPEG-4 Visual Tools, Objects, and Profiles
(PDF, 219KB) - This table is an attempt to make MPEG-4's tools and profiles understandable by the new or semi-technical reader. It's not intended as a reference for the serious technical reader or intended to replace standards documents.

YUV to AVI File Converter
v1.4 (EXE, 132KB) - Most of the test sequences from the image coding community, like the sequence below, are distributed as raw data files in YUV D1/601 format. This program will convert them to AVI files that are compatible with Windows-based codecs and utilities. Run the .exe file to see a help listing. Tested on Windows 2000.

Streamcrest Motion1 Test Sequence Generator
v1.2 (EXE, 152KB) - This Windows program will generate the test pattern shown in the still below as a YUV image file in ITU-R/CCIR 601/656 format. It was designed for tests on streaming video codecs with interlace and motion artifacts in mind. Run the .exe file (after saving on your Win 2000 machine) and you'll have a 260 frame (264MB) sequence. A help file (PDF, 152KB) explains how to use the program in YUV and AVI formats.

Ilustration of Test Pattern Features

YUV File Cropper
v0.1(EXE, 124 KB) - A utility for cropping (not scaling) a yuv file to a smaller raster - like 720x486 to 720x480, or 625 line formats to 525. Run the .exe file to see a help listing. Tested on Windows 2000.

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